Which key has the best snorkeling?

Snorkeling Florida Keys – Middle Keys – Islamorada, Marathon and Big Pine. And now, the best for last. By far and away the Middle Keys offer the best snorkeling grounds. From Islamorada you will want to check out Hen & Chickens and Cheeca Rocks patch reefs.

Do the Florida Keys have good snorkeling?

The Florida Keys are famous for their fantastic snorkeling opportunities. From offshore coral reefs teeming with tropical fish to nearshore adventures.

Which Florida Key has the prettiest water?

Fort Zachary Taylor Park Beach, Key West

Fort Zachary Taylor Historic State Park is a National Historic Landmark that offers some of the clearest blue waters for snorkeling and diving in Key West.

Where are the best coral reefs in Florida Keys?


  • John Pennekamp Coral Reef State Park. Easily one of the most recognizable diving and snorkeling spots in the Florida Keys, John Pennekamp Coral Reef State Park in Key Largo covers 70 nautical square miles and was the first underwater park in the United States. …
  • Molasses Reef. …
  • Alligator Reef. …
  • Sombrero Reef.
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Is Key Largo better than marathon?

When we compare the travel costs of actual travelers between Key Largo and Marathon, we can see that Key Largo is more expensive. And not only is Marathon much less expensive, but it is actually a significantly cheaper destination. So, traveling to Marathon would let you spend less money overall.

Is snorkeling good in Key Largo?

Overall Key Largo snorkeling is much better than the Key West area. But generally there are more spectacular snorkel spots in the keys between Key Largo and Key West, what we call the Middle Keys.

Where is the bluest water in Florida?

Florida’s Emerald Coast Beaches with Clear Waters

  • Destin. Destin is commonly referred to as the Florida beach with the clearest water. …
  • Panama City Beach. …
  • Rosemary Beach. …
  • Santa Rosa. …
  • Anna Maria Island. …
  • Siesta Key. …
  • Boca Grande. …
  • Longboat Key.

Can you swim in Islamorada?

Originally established as a fishing village, Islamorada is still a great fishing spot in the modern era too, but it can also appeal to people who simply want to head out for a swim or sit on the sands with friends and family.

Why are there no beaches in Key West?

The Keys don’t have wide sandy beaches because the coral reefs we enjoy as snorkelers and scuba divers prevent the erosion and sand from building up along the shore. So while the beaches aren’t what make the Keys special, there are still some pretty special beaches in the Keys.

Which Florida Keys is the best?

Best islands to stay in Florida Keys

  • Key West (the most famous of all)
  • Key Largo (scuba diving and water sports)
  • Marathon (family friendly)
  • Islamorada (adventure galore)
  • Big Pine Key (relax and isolation)
  • Key Largo (for the adventure couple)
  • Key West (laid-back and boutique stay)
  • Big Pine Key (romantic and isolated)
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Can you snorkel from the beach in the Keys?

Snorkeling in the Florida Keys

You can have fun snorkeling almost anywhere in the Keys — any dock or pier here will attract some fish around its pilings. … Snorkeling in Florida: A school of snapper take shelter under a cannon at Cannon Beach at Pennekamp State Park.

Can you snorkel from shore in Islamorada?

There are a bunch of snorkel locations that are simply stunning, some of the best we have ever seen anywhere. They are located in the waters off Islamorada (Matecumbe Key), Marathon (Vaca Key), and Big Pine Key. We call all of these lesser known snorkeling grounds the Middle Keys, because, well, they are in the middle.

Can you snorkel in the Keys in December?

During winter, and specifically in December, you will experience clear days with slight winds that are comfortable. … And don’t worry, Key West temperatures in December are even comfortable enough to explore the beaches and go snorkeling and diving when the water is nice and clear!

Are there lots of sharks in the Keys?

The Florida Keys are home to more sharks than any other area in the world. Here’s a list of the sharks you can see with Keys Shark Diving. Keys Shark Diving is the best way to see sharks up close and personal in the Florida Keys.

Does Key West have good snorkeling?

Coral Reef- Snorkeling Tours

Home to the only living barrier reef in the continental United States, Key West is one of the most popular snorkeling destinations. There are a variety of snorkeling tours, from morning and afternoon trips to all day excursions.

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