Where can I learn to surf in Thailand?

Patong and Kata Noi, in particular, are the best surf spots for beginners. And if you’d like, you can pair your surf sessions with a couple of yoga classes.

Can you learn to surf in Thailand?

The majority of our surfing lessons are run from Bang Tao Beach, Phuket, which is probably the best beach in Phuket for learning to surf. Surfing Lessons are in waist deep water with easy-to-ride gentle waves and we choose the safest and best area for your surfing lessons.

Can you surf anywhere in Thailand?

First of all, Thailand is not considered a world class surf destination. … Since our surf season relies heavily on the Southwest monsoon (storms and winds created in the India Ocean), conditions aren’t ideal. So, if you’re a serious surfer looking for clean, consistent waves, then consider traveling elsewhere for surf.

How much should surf lessons cost?

Average Surfing Lesson Costs

Location Average Group Surf Lesson Cost Average One-on-one Surf Lesson Cost
California $65 $99
Oregon $90 $130
Washington $105 $165
Maine $70 $95

Can you surf in Pattaya?

Surfing in Pattaya

Also, like Phuket, Pattaya is famous for its predisposition to surfing. Here is 20 surf schools, and in every sporting goods store you can buy a board.

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Is there surf in Phuket?

You can surf in Phuket! While this beautiful holiday island has not traditionally been considered a surf destination, for years expats and dedicated locals have been surfing around Phuket’s west coast. … The west coast of Phuket is dotted with surf breaks. The whole west coast of Phuket is exposed to any westerly swells.

Can you surf in Koh Samui?

Surfing in Koh Samui

Like Koh Phangan, the surf in Koh Samui isn’t reliable- it’s hit and miss at best.

Can you surf in Koh Chang?

Ko Chang usually works with the south west monsoon from May to September, as it sits up in the gulf of Thailand and so needs southerly swells to reach it. … One place to surf there is Sai Kaow Beach (white sand beach) on the west coast of the island.

How long does it take to learn surfing?

Learning to surf requires between two hours and one month of practice. If you’re struggling for more than two months to ride a wave, then there’s something wrong with you. The first thing you’ll need to master is lying and balancing on a surfboard – that could take you between half-an-hour and two or three hours.

Is surfing hard?

Learning to surf is hard. It’s one of those things that people make to look easy. The truth is, learning to surf is tough and it takes time, a long time. … From mastering the popup, reading waves to navigating the lineup and brutal paddle outs, surfing can at times be a hard sport to become good at.

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Is there surfing in Vietnam?

Da Nang is the top surfing location in Vietnam – it has a warm climate, with long stretches of beach and great waves that break all year round. Surf season here is around September to March, when temperatures average 27C (80F). … Nam O Point and Non Nuoc Beach are also popular, with first-class waves.

Can you surf in Krabi?

Also replace any preconceived notions of Thailand being a waveless country, because surfing in Krabi is perfectly possible. The waves are more suited to beginners and intermediate surfers than experts, but hey if you’re not an expert Krabi is a good choice.

Can you surf in Koh Lanta?

Koh Lanta – Khlong Dao Surf Guide

Koh Lanta – Khlong Dao in Andaman Sea is an exposed beach break that has quite reliable surf and can work at any time of the year. … The beach break offers both left and right hand waves. Good surf at all stages of the tide. An uncrowded break, even when it is working.