How often should scuba gear be serviced?

The Scuba Doctor, like most dive shops and repair facilities, still recommends that your dive gear should be serviced yearly, or after every 80 to 100 dives.

How often should I get my scuba gear serviced?

Your regulator should be serviced annually (with some brands 2 years, and we will talk about this shortly) no matter if you have 1 dive or 100 dives.

How much does it cost to service scuba gear?

Scuba Regulator Repair

Annual Regulator Service (Plus Parts) $59.95
Annual BCD Service (Plus Parts) $19.95
Annual BCD with Octo Service (Plus Parts) $29.95
Bladder Repair (Up to 3 Small Holes) $50.00
Computer Battery Replacement (Most Models) $19.95

How long does a BCD last?

BCD: With routine maintenance and proper care, I find they last approx 8 years (4000 dives) before replacement becomes preferable to repair. Minimalist backplate/wing style BCDs tend to be far more rugged and long-lasting.

Can you service your own scuba gear?

Servicing your own regs is possible, can save you money in the long run (very long if you only have a couple regs by the time you invest in the books I noted and the tools) but if like me you have 8 regs then servicing them myself is just smart money.

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How often do scuba tanks need to be inspected?

Your Scuba Tanks need to have a Visual Inspection, “VIP”, done annually. They are going to need a HYDRO test completed every 5 years.

What is warmer a wetsuit or drysuit?

Wetsuits are made of rubber neoprene and are designed to keep you warm when wet, but unlike drysuits, they are not waterproof. So, if you have a loose fitting wetsuit you will get cold. … Drysuits, on the other hand, are completely waterproof, but not designed for warmth if used alone.

Does scuba gear expire?

Quality scuba gear can last for years if well maintained, but it isn’t designed to last forever. Equipment problems cause 15% of scuba diving fatalities according to DAN. Sadly, these problems are mainly due to lack of maintenance and improper use of the equipment.

How often should you replace your dive mask?

Snorkeling masks will typically last 3-5 years if used frequently. They may last up to 10 years when in dark and dry storage, but sun, sand and saltwater result in deterioration of the silicone around the face skirt when used often. Cheaper rubber masks have shorter useful lifespan.

How do I service my scuba regulator?

After a dive trip, soak the regulator system in fresh water overnight, then rinse thoroughly. Lay the regulator in a shady place and allow to air-dry completely. Store it in a cool, dry place, taking care not to coil hoses tightly. Do not hang the regulator from its first stage, as this places stress on the hoses.

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How do you clean a scuba regulator?

Submerge the regulator in fresh water for a short period and gently rotate any moving parts to ensure any salt residue is rinsed off or dissolves. Allow the regulator to dry completely before storing. As an extra precaution, use alcohol or antibacterial mouthwash to sanitize the second stage mouthpiece.