How do you transport a wet wetsuit?

How do you travel with a wet wetsuit?

Contributor. I take a garbage bag or 2 with me and a few smaller plastic bags. They compress to virtually nothing in your luggage and keep the rest of your clothes dry. Try to rinse the gear with fresh water before returning and a day extra to dry isnt a major problem.

How do you transport a wetsuit?

Step 1: Lay the suit on its stomach and cross the arms over the back. Step 2: Bring the legs over the back so the ankles rest on the shoulders. Step 3: Fold the entire suit in half so the waist meets the shoulders. Step 4: Slide the suit into a bag so it stays properly stowed in transit.

How do you store wet wetsuit in car?

If you leave it in your car during the day after surfing- it’s not going to be a problem. Specially if it’s in a plastic tub. I would keep a lid on it tho- unless you like the stink. Adding a little water would be helpful until you can get home to properly rinse it out and hang dry.

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Can you roll a wetsuit?

2. Lay some packaging, like scrunched up paper or bubble wrap over the chest and roll the suit over it from the neck avoiding any folds. Keep rolling until the suit forms a cylindrical shape.

Do you wear your wetsuit in the car?

Do you wear your wetsuit while driving? Oftentimes, yes. Is it really too cold to change outside, or are you just lacking the correct tools? It’s never too cold to change outside, just have to be real quick at getting the rubber off.

What is the best way to store a wetsuit?

After you rinse out your wetsuit, ensure you hang it to dry in the shade – and if there’s no shade, ensure it’s NOT hanging in direct sunlight. Additionally, always try to hang your wetsuit over a smooth, round surface, such as a balcony railing. Hang it at the waist with an equal balance on each side.

How do you wash a wetsuit?

Follow our tips to clean your wetsuit and extend the life of your suit.

  1. Soak It. As soon as you can, soak your wetsuit in cold or lukewarm fresh water (hot water can cause the suit to lose flexibility) with a mild solution of baking soda or wetsuit shampoo. …
  2. Scrub It. …
  3. Rinse It. …
  4. Inspect It. …
  5. Hang It. …
  6. Store It.

Can you leave a wetsuit in a hot car?

Excessive temperatures are hard on any neoprene product. Never use hot water to wash or rinse your suit, don’t dry it in the sunlight and don’t leave it in your car. … Heat will cause neoprene to lose its elasticity, and to some degree, even its shape.

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How do you dry a wetsuit while camping?

Here’s what you should do to get your wetsuit dry in a couple of hours:

  1. Rinse and hang your wetsuit inside out on a wide plastic hanger, out of the sun;
  2. Wait 20 minutes until the water in the wetsuit starts to pool in the lower arms and legs;
  3. Squeeze the pooled water out of each arm and leg.

How do you dry a wetsuit in a flat?

Leave your wetsuit to hang overnight in your garage or shower to completely dry your wetsuit. Leaving your wetsuit to dry in a Dry Bag will not only protect it from UV rays but you can dry it inside with no mess. Ventilate… Remember that ventilation is important as the suit needs airing as well as drying.

Can you fold a wetsuit for storage?

Wetsuit storage tips

We don’t recommend folding or stuffing your wetsuit into cramped spaces as this can cause creases and damage to the suit. It’s also best to avoid leaving your wetsuit in direct sunlight as much as possible.

Should I hang or fold my wetsuit?

The best thing for long term wetsuit storage is to hang your wetsuit correctly, rather than folding it up in a cupboard. To avoid the neoprene creasing over time, don’t store your wetsuit inside out.