Can you sail to Jersey from UK?

You can get to Jersey from Poole in 4 hours onboard Condor Voyager. … Condor Ferries are the only ferry company offering routes sailing from the UK to Jersey from Poole, Portsmouth, Guernsey and St Malo, with sailings available to the Channel Islands throughout July to September which are our peak months.

Can you get a boat from England to Jersey?

There are 2 ferry routes operating between England and Jersey offering you combined total of 9 sailings per week. Condor Ferries operates 2 routes, Poole to Jersey (St Helier) runs 3 times per week & Portsmouth to Jersey (St Helier) about 6 times weekly.

Where can I sail to Jersey from?

Ferries to Jersey sail from Portsmouth and Poole. Condor Ferries operates ferry routes from England to Jersey. You can choose from 13 weekly sailings across 2 different routes. You can also catch short ferries from Jersey to mainland France and Guernsey.

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How long is a boat from Jersey to England?

On average, there are a combined number of 2 crossings each day between Jersey and England, which are operated by Condor Ferries. The shortest crossing is to Poole and takes around 4 hours 40 minutes, while the longest crossing is to Portsmouth and takes approximately 9 hours 10 minutes.

How much is the ferry from UK to Jersey?

Book a ferry from Portsmouth to Jersey with Prices from £132. The Portsmouth to Jersey ferry runs up to 6 times per week, and is operated by Condor Ferries. The route connects the UK to the Channel Islands, a diverse group of islands suitable for action packed vacations or long lazy holidays.

Can you sail to Jersey?

We offer two ferry routes to St Helier in Jersey from the UK. You can get to Jersey from Poole in 4 hours onboard Condor Voyager. However, you can travel to Jersey onboard our conventional ferry, Commodore Clipper, from Portsmouth port in 10 hours and 20 minutes.

What days do Condor Ferries sail to Jersey?

We also have a high-speed sailing every Monday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday onboard Condor Voyager during peak season which takes around 4 hours. You can now book hotels and ferry travel with us, browse our holidays or short breaks to Jersey.

Where can I fly to Jersey from in UK?

You can fly to Jersey from all over the UK. EasyJet has started flying from Liverpool, Newcastle, Glasgow, Southend and Gatwick, and British Airways also offers services from Gatwick.

How far is Jersey from UK mainland?

Where is Jersey? Jersey sits in the Bay of St Malo – just 14 miles (or 22 km) from the French coast and 85 miles (137 km) south of the English coast. Jersey is the biggest of the Channel Islands.

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Do you need a passport to go to Jersey from the UK?

On arrival in Jersey from the UK, Isle of Man or Guernsey you don’t need to carry a passport. … The Jersey Customs and Immigration Service will accept whichever form of photographic identification that is accepted by your airline or ferry company for security purposes.

Do you have to isolate If you go to Jersey?

​Passengers aged 11 and over arriving in Jersey who have travelled outside the Common Travel Area (CTA) in the 10 days before arriving in Jersey, will be required to isolate until they receive a negative PCR test result, regardless of their vaccination status. … those who have submitted a pre-departure PCR test.

Can you take your car to Jersey?

How to get to Jersey by car? You can travel to Jersey by car by taking a ferry. With travel companies Condor Ferries and Manche Iles Express, you will be able to board the ferry in your vehicle and drive it off at the other end!

Can I take my dog to Jersey?

Jersey offers the perfect break for your canine counterpart, being very dog-friendly with open spaces, sea swims and cliff walks. Also, many pubs and cafes offer bowls of water and dog treats to keep everyone well fuelled for their holiday adventures.

Do you need a car when visiting Jersey?

With a Hire Car you are free to go everywhere and the Island of only 9 miles by 5 miles so with a car you will get an excellent flavour of what it has to offer. Many of the beautiful parts like Fliquet, Portelet, Ouaisne are only accessible by car.

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Do I need a car to visit Jersey?

At just nine miles by five, it is easy to get around in Jersey. Bring your own vehicle, hire a car, make use of a great public transport network or cycle in the islands dedicated green lanes. Or make the most of the stunning scenery by getting around on foot.

Where do Condor Ferries sail from?

Condor Liberation serves Guernsey and Jersey from its UK base in Poole. In July 2021, we entered Brittany Ferries’ high speed Normandie Express, which has been renamed Condor Voyager, to our service.