Best answer: Can you wear a 4 3 wetsuit in summer?

Even in summer you rarely get to surf in less than 4/3 mm. A 4/3 mm wetsuit is great for ‘summer surfers’ as their all-season wetsuit, and for people who surf through winter as their second wetsuit for a little more flex on warmer days.

Is a 4 3 wetsuit too warm for summer?

The most obvious difference is a thicker wetsuit will keep you warmer, as thicker neoprene means more tiny bubbles trapping in air to insulate you. … So for a winter wetsuit you’ll be looking for a 4/3mm or more, and for summer opt for just 2 or 3mm of neoprene.

What water temp is a 4 3 wetsuit good for?

Wetsuit Thickness & Temperature Guide

Water Temp Range (°F) Water Temp Range (°C) Wetsuit Thickness
58°- 63° 14° – 17° 3/2 mm – 4/3 mm
52°- 58° 11° – 14° 4/3 mm – 5/4/3 mm
43°- 52° 6° – 11° 5/4 mm – 5/4/3 mm
42° and below 6° and below 6/5 mm +

Is a 4 3mm wetsuit warm?

A 3/2 wetsuit is generally suited for summer and autumn surfing windsurfing, swimming, kite surfing etc… , while 4/3 wetsuit and 5/3 wetsuit keeps us warm when surfing in winter and spring.

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Can you wear a 4 3 wetsuit in summer UK?

What does 4/3 mean? The higher the figure the thicker the wetsuit and the warmer it will be. So a 4/3mm wetsuit will serve you for surfing cold water throughout the autumn and winter months in the UK, November to April.

Are wetsuits too hot for summer?

It is way too warm for summer. You will be sweating beyond means. I have a 3/2 that I where ususally until about june in the morning then I go to a spring suite to just shorts. You really need to have a couple of suites if this is something you plan to get into.

What temp is a 3mm wetsuit good for?

The Perfect Wetsuit Thickness for Every Water Temp

80 to 84 Degrees (26-28 C) 2 mm shorty to dive sking
73 to 79 Degrees (22-25 C) 3 mm fullsuit to 2 mm shorty
66 to 72 Degrees (18-21 C) 5 mm to 3 mm fuillsuit
50 to 65 Degrees (10-17 C) 8/7 mm semidry to 7 mm wetsuit
Below 50 Degrees (Below 10 C) 8/7 mm semidry or drysuit

Can you overheat in a wetsuit?

Wetsuits are all designed for different conditions and temperatures of water. If you wear a wetsuit too thick for the water you’re swimming in, you’ll run the risk of overheating.

Do I need a 4 3 wetsuit?

If you feel the cold, err on the side of caution and get a thicker wetsuit.

Wetsuit Water Temperature Guide.

Water Temperature (Fahrenheit / Celsius) Wetsuit Type* Extras
56°F / 13.5°C 4/3 Sealed Neoprene Top
60°F / 15°C 3/2 Sealed Neoprene Top
65°F / 18.5°C 3/2 Flatlock
72°F / 22°C Springsuit / Poly Top / Jacket
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Will a wetsuit keep you warm in cold weather?

The myth is this: Wetsuits keep you warm by trapping a thin layer of water between your skin and the suit. This is incorrect. A wetsuit that is bone-dry on the inside will actually be warmer than one that’s wet.

Is 5mm wetsuit too thick?

We recommend a wetsuit thickness of at least 5mm; we recommend wearing boots, but hood and gloves are optional depending on your tolerance to the cold.

Can you swim in a 5mm wetsuit?

It will need to be between 3-5mm. However, it is likely to be very suitable for what we do; exploration swimming in places where there might be rocks to negotiate on entry or exit rather than gravel ponds or sandy beaches. The 5mm suits are warmer. … Comfort – In order to swim in a wetsuit, it needs to be comfortable.

What thickness is a summer wetsuit?

Standard full length summer wetsuits tend to generally have a thickness of around 3/2mm, with the 3 referring to the thickness around the torso, as this is where you need warmth most, due to your vital organs.

What is the difference between 4 3 and 3 2 wetsuits?

It’s fairly simple: the thicker the wetsuit, the warmer you will be. A 5/4/3 wetsuit will be much warmer than a 3/2 wetsuit. Thickness plays a small role in the durability of a wetsuit. Thicker suits, having more material, are less prone to getting tears all the way through the neoprene.

How long does a wetsuit keep you warm?

It’s opening up a world of possibilities in cold regions. In southern California, in a 3/2 you can comfortably surf for up to 2-3 hours before getting cold. In a 4/3 you can last a lot longer, but you do lose mobility the thicker the wetsuit gets.

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