Your question: How many pages are in raft?

How many pages is raft of stars?

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9780063031913
Publisher: HarperCollins Publishers
Publication date: 01/11/2022
Pages: 304
Sales rank: 433,886

What age is the raft book for?

Ages 6-up.

What type of book is the raft?

Author photo credit: Scott Huck / Book jacket credit: Ecco Andrew Graff’s debut novel Raft of Stars is set in Northwoods, Wisconsin. Fish and Bread are 10-year-old best friends in 1994, innocently rescuing baby snappers from the ditches of Claypot, Wisconsin, when life suddenly yanks them sideways.

Is the book The Raft a true story?

‘The Raft’: The true story behind one of the strangest social experiments of all time which had sex, aggression and mutiny. In 1973, Mexican anthropologist Santiago Genoves decided to test out a hypothesis that was really bugging him.

Is the book The Raft a movie?

“The Raft” was adapted to film as a segment of the 1987 horror anthology movie Creepshow 2, directed by Michael Gornick from a screenplay by George A. Romero. The bulk of the story is faithful to the short story, but the ending was changed for the film.

How does the book raft end?

As she continues to feel hopeless, she finally acknowledges that Max is a figment of her imagination and that he died on the raft and she dumped his body in the ocean. After locating a Marilyn Monroe lighter, she is able to build a small fire. She falls asleep after giving up hope that she’ll be rescued.

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What is the plot of the raft?

A simple airplane trip becomes a harrowing struggle for survival in this tense offering from Bodeen (The Gardener). Fifteen-year-old Robie is on her way home to Midway Island after vacationing in Honolulu when the tiny cargo plane she’s on develops engine problems.

Who is the main character in the raft book?

S.A. Bodeen’s third young adult novel, The Raft, opens with Robie, the protagonist, visiting her aunt in Hawaii during one of her many breaks from the small island where Robie lives.

What is the story in raft?

The story deals with the player being stranded on a raft in the middle of the ocean, but details have been kept quiet. … Raft takes place in a world that has been covered in water due to rising sea levels. The player lives a lonely life building up their own raft while trying to sail to civilization.