Who are called divers?

(daɪvəʳ ) Word forms: plural divers. countable noun. A diver is a person who swims under water using special breathing equipment.

Who is a person who dives?

diver in British English

(ˈdaɪvə ) noun. a person or thing that dives. a person who works or explores underwater.

Whats the definition of divers?

1 : one that dives. 2a : a person who stays underwater for long periods by having air supplied from the surface or by carrying a supply of compressed air. b : any of various birds that obtain food by diving in water especially : loon.

What does Consolded mean?

transitive verb. 1 : to join together into one whole : unite consolidate several small school districts. 2 : to make firm or secure : strengthen consolidate their hold on first place He consolidated his position as head of the political party.

What are professional divers called?

Scientific divers are normally qualified scientists first and divers second, who use diving equipment and techniques as their way to get to the location of their fieldwork.

What type of word is dive?

Dive is a regular verb whose past tense, since about 1300, has been dived. But in the 1800s, it suddenly gained an irregular past tense—dove.

What is divers in the Bible?

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Divers diseases or Divers disease can mean: In the King James translation of the Bible, and similar older literature, “various diseases”; compare “diverse”

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What causes DCS?

Decompression sickness (DCS) is caused by the formation of bubbles of gas that occur with changes in pressure during scuba diving. It is also experienced in commercial divers who breathe heliox (a special mixture of oxygen and helium), and astronauts and aviators who experience rapid changes in pressure from sea level.

What is the opposite of divers?

Opposite of innumerable or incalculable. countable. enumerable. few.

What is another word for swimmer?

In this page you can discover 17 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for swimmer, like: natator, gymnast, rower, triathlete, bather, triathletes, paddler, runner, sprinter, rider and oarsman.

What is Deconsolidator?

Deconsolidation is the process of breaking down a single shipment of cargo into several smaller shipments and processing those shipments for final inland delivery directly from the port of entry to a store or distribution center.

What is consolidate power?

If you consolidate something that you have, for example power or success, you strengthen it so that it becomes more effective or secure.