What does the poet want to become in the poem Sailing to Byzantium?

The poet wants them to come out of the “holy fire” and to descend upon him with a hawk-like movement. He wants them to become the “singing masters of his soul,” and to purify his heart.

What does the poet want to become in the poem Byzantium?

It is a lyric poem with the rhyme scheme of AABBCDDC. The title of the poem, “Byzantium” refers to the place where the speaker or persona of the poem desires to go in order to be able to purify his soul and be immortal. He is in Byzantium now and whatever he is talking about happens in it.

What does the speaker want to become in Sailing to Byzantium?

The mortal body is left behind in the transition into immortality, but the artistic body remains: the speaker wishes to become art himself, to “sing to lords and ladies of Byzantium”—in short, to become a piece of art that might help other mortals to become a piece of art.

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What does the poet wish for in the poem Sailing to Byzantium?

Sailing To Byzantium is a poem that focuses on Yeats’s later obsession with the search for ideal spirituality in art and life. … The speaker’s wish is to be ‘out of nature’ and to become an eternal form, a crafted work of art.

What does Byzantium represent in the poem?

Byzantium is symbolic of a place that may resolve the eternal struggle between the limitations of the physical world and the aspirations of the immortal spirit. The golden bird is a timeless artifact like the poem “Byzantium” itself.

Why the poet is Sailing to Byzantium from Ireland?

Back at home, he thought the youth were too busy studying “monuments of its own magnificence,” (14) instead of learning from history or older generations. Since he could not learn anymore in Ireland, he traveled to Byzantium where he could learn about history through the old art and architecture of the city.

Who is the poet of Songs of Experience the poem Sailing to Byzantium is symbol of?

In “Sailing to Byzantium”, he invokes the sages to appear through the motions of a gyre and teach him the music of immortality. The movement of the gyre, quite like the mythological churning of the ocean to recover the divine nectar, is symbolic of a transformative spiritual movement towards immortality.

How does the poet desire for immortality in Sailing to Byzantium?

The poet invokes them to come down with a rapid spiral movement and to teach him how to enjoy the beauty of art. They should purify his heart of all physical passions, for he is old like a dying animal incapable of any physical enjoyment. So he prays to them for absorption into the “artifice of eternity”.

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How does the speaker seeks to rejuvenate himself throughout in Sailing to Byzantium by William Butler Yeats?

In these lines, the speaker is asserting that artistic creation can sidestep old age and death, and that the artistic creative process has the ability to rejuvenate old age by making one essentially immortal.