What continent did Magellan sail south of at the start of his voyage?

On September 20, 1519, Magellan set sail from Spain in an effort to find a western sea route to the rich Spice Islands of Indonesia. In command of five ships and 270 men, Magellan sailed to West Africa and then to Brazil, where he searched the South American coast for a strait that would take him to the Pacific.

What continent did Magellan sail south?

Magellan left Spain on 20 September 1519, sailed across the Atlantic, and discovered the strait that now bears his name, allowing him to pass through the southern tip of South America into the Pacific Ocean (which he named).

In which direction did Magellan sail when he began his journey from Europe?

Though Magellan is often credited with the first circumnavigation on the globe, he did so on a technicality: He first made a trip from Europe to the Spice Islands, eastward via the Indian Ocean, and then later made his famous westward voyage that brought him to the Philippines.

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What continents did Magellan’s ships visit on the way?

Ferdinand Magellan’s fleet visited the continents of South America, Asia, and Africa when it circumnavigated the world in 1519-1522.

What country did Ferdinand Magellan sail for?

Magellan was sponsored by Spain to travel west across the Atlantic in search of the East Indies. In doing so, his expedition became the first from Europe to cross the Pacific Ocean and circumnavigate the world.

Where did Magellan land in Brazil?

Becalmed off the Guinea coast of Africa, it met storms before reaching the Equator; by November 29, having crossed the Atlantic successfully, it was 27 leagues southwest of Cape St. Augustine (Cabo de Santo Agostinho, Brazil). Rounding Cape Frio, Magellan entered the bay of Rio de Janeiro on December 13.

Why is Ferdinand Magellan A Portuguese in a Spanish expedition?

Even though Magellan did not survive the trip, he has received more recognition for the expedition than Elcano has, since Magellan was the one who started it, Portugal wanted to recognize a Portuguese explorer, and Spain feared Basque nationalism.

Who first sailed around South America?

1520: Portuguese Captain, Ferdinand Magellan and his crew are the first to sail through the Strait of Magellan, the body of water that separates continental South America from Tierra del Fuego.

When did Magellan discover the Magellan strait?

Sort out the facts about islands across the globe. The archipelago was discovered by the navigator Ferdinand Magellan in 1520, when he sailed through the strait named after him and called the region Tierra del Fuego (Land of Fire).

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Who is Ferdinand Magellan in Philippines?

Ferdinand Magellan, Portuguese Fernão de Magalhães, Spanish Fernando de Magallanes or Hernando de Magallanes, (born 1480, Sabrosa or Porto?, Portugal—died April 27, 1521, Mactan, Philippines), Portuguese navigator and explorer who sailed under the flags of both Portugal (1505–13) and Spain (1519–21).

When did Ferdinand Magellan sail?

In September 1519, Magellan set sail from Spain with five ships. Three years later only one ship, the Victoria (depicted on a 1590 map), made it back to Spain after circumnavigating the world. Five hundred years ago, Ferdinand Magellan began a historic journey to circumnavigate the globe.

What happened to the ships of Magellan?

The ships passed through the Strait of Magellan on Oct. … Magellan was killed in the Philippines on April 27, 1521. The remaining two ships returned to Spain in September 1522 — three years and a month since the journey began.

What type of ship did Ferdinand Magellan use?

Victoria (ship)

Crown of Spain
Name Victoria
Namesake Santa Maria de la Victoria
Owner Ferdinand Magellan/Sebastian Elcano

How the Philippines was discovered by Magellan?

On March 16, 1521, Portuguese navigator Ferdinand Magellan, attempting to sail around the world for Spain, reached the Philippine archipelago. … Magellan survived two mutinies before sailing around the southern tip of South America, finding the strait named for him, in November of 1520.

Was Magellan the first to sail around the world?

One of the most noted of Portuguese-born explorers was Fernão de Magalhães (anglicized as “Magellan”), who instigated and organized the first circumnavigation of the globe from 1519 to 1522.

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Who named the Philippines?

The Philippines are named after King Philip II (1527-1598) of Spain. The country was discovered by the Portuguese navigator Ferdinand Magellan in 1521 (while in Spanish service). Later tension arose between Portugal and Spain and in 1542 Spain re-claimed the islands for themselves, naming them after its then king.