Frequent question: What did Salva and his group build canoes out of?

More layers of reeds were added and tied to make the bottom of the boat. Salva watched, fascinated, as little by little the curve of a prow and low sides grew from the piles of reeds. It took two full days for the group to build enough canoes.

What did Salva use to make canoes?

The secret of making canoes in the book Long Walk to Water is the canoes are made o reeds tied tightly to form dense layers and these layers were then tied together. “Salva staggered forward with another load of reeds in his arms.

What did the group make canoes with?

What is the secret of making the canoes? The canoes are made of reeds tied tightly together to form dense layers and these layers were then tied together.

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What does Salva’s group use to make boats?

the make boats out of reeds. How does Salva help in this task? by gathering reeds and bringing them to the boat builders.

How did salvas group work together to build a canoe?

Others, like Salva, gathered up the cut stalks and took them to the boatbuilders. Among the group were a few people whose home vil- lages had been near rivers or lakes. They knew how to tie the reeds together and weave them cleverly to form shal- low canoes.

What river does the group build canoes in order to cross?

Salva finds that gathering reeds distracts him from his hunger and fear. After two full days of work, the group has built a small fleet of canoes. The group is ready to cross the Nile.

What did Salva wear on his feet?

Salva’s shoes have been worn through and he must go barefoot. He stubs his toe on a rock and his toenail comes off. He starts to cry and give up, but his uncle urges him to continue. He asks Salva to just walk a little bit further and this is how Salva is able to continue.

What were canoes made out of?

Canoes are made of wood, canvas over wood frames, aluminum, molded plastic, fibreglass, or synthetic fibre composites. The optimum material for canoe construction varies by the intended usage of the craft.

What makes a canoe a canoe?

A canoe is a lightweight narrow water vessel, typically pointed at both ends and open on top, propelled by one or more seated or kneeling paddlers facing the direction of travel and using a single-bladed paddle. … The intended use of the canoe dictates its hull shape, length, and construction material.

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What were Native American canoes made out of?

Canoes were made from bark, animal skins or wood. By far the sturdiest construction, and the most time consuming, if not the most difficult, for American Indians, was the dugout canoe. Making a dugout canoe was a gigantic task requiring considerable organization and planning.

What is Salva’s story about in Chapter 8?

Back in 1985, Salva and his group paddle across the Nile River. Salva sits in a canoe with Uncle Jewiir, who paddles hard. After many hours, the boats arrive at an island in the middle of the river. … As night falls on the island, the mosquitoes come out, tormenting the refugees in Salva’s group.

What is Chapter 7 about in a long walk to water?

Chapter 7 of A Long Walk to Water is about Nya and Salva relying on others to help them survive their dangerous environments. Nya’s sister Akeer’s illness is getting worse. The family must decide whether to try and bring her to a medical clinic that is far away. Salva and his group continue their journey.

Where does Salva’s group stop on their journey across the Nile?

Because they only get a little bit of water and if it will evaporate when boiled. Where does Salva’s group stop on their journey across the Nile River? On an island where fisherman live. What food does Uncle share with Salva?

What chapter did salvas uncle died?

Summary: Chapter 11 Salva: Southern Sudan and Ethiopia, 1985

The group buries Uncle and mourns his death. That night, they resume walking. Salva is numb with grief at the loss of Marial and Uncle, but he feels their strength.

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How does Salva’s uncle get him to continue walking in the desert?

How does Uncle keep Salva going? By choosing landmarks and asking Salva to walk to them so it the walk seems shorter.

What is the main idea of Salva’s story in Chapter 5?

What is the main idea of Salva’s story in chapter 5? Walking for long distances can wear a person down. Finding food when you are hungry is a great treat. Even during hard times there can be positive experiences.