Can you surf in Falmouth?

Not the South West’s premiere surfing destination but the Falmouth area can produce some half decent waves. … The main Falmouth beaches are Swanpool, Gyllngvase and Maenporth (about 2 miles west. There is also a reef between Swanpool and Gyllngvase that has been rumoured to be good on it’s day.

Can you surf at Falmouth?

Waves are rare in Falmouth due to it’s sheltered location, Maenporth and Gyllyngvase beaches are the two surfing locations in the town, however both beaches rarely have waves during the summertime and only have surf during our storm season between December – March.

Can you surf on south coast of Cornwall?

South Cornwall is less well known for its surfing conditions than the more exposed North coast. However, on its day it can produce some of the best waves in the UK. Surfing the south coast requires completely different weather conditions than those that light up the famous surfing beaches of North Cornwall.

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What is the best surfing beach in Cornwall?

Cornwall Top 10 surfing beaches

  • Fistral Beach, Newquay. Perhaps the best known surfing beach in the UK, and consequently in summer perhaps the most crowded! …
  • Gwithian Beach, near Hayle. …
  • Perranporth Beach, Perranporth. …
  • Polzeath Beach, Padstow. …
  • Porthmeor Beach, St Ives. …
  • Praa Sands Beach, Helston.

Has Falmouth got a beach?

Falmouth is home to many spectacular beaches, offering a wide range of water sports and beach activities suitable for everyone. From SUP paddle boarding off Gyllyngvase Beach to rock pooling on Castle Beach, there is plenty of exploring to do around Falmouth’s unique coastline.

Is Fowey good for surfing?

They offer coasteering, surfing and bodyboarding for all abilities. Located in Newquay, known as the surfing capital of the UK, the centre is within walking distance of some great surf spots giving a range of options for good learning conditions. Newquay is 45 minutes from Fowey.

Can you surf at St Ives?

Surfing in St Ives is a great experience, whether you are a seasoned pro or on your holidays and planning a family day out on the water. See where you hire a board or take your own and ride the waves to St Ives’ sandy shores.

Where do surfers live in Cornwall?

1) Newquay, Cornwall

It might sounds obvious, but there’s a reason so many surfers live in Newquay. Many people believe it to be the home of British surfing with folk flocking from all over the country to surf here. The local break is Fistral Beach but beach break Watergate Bay isn’t far away.

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Is north or south Cornwall better for surfing?

Sea is generally rougher with better surf on the north, while the south has more safer beaches with less waves and more sheltered, better for small children.

Can you surf all year round in Cornwall?

The only beach run all year round by the RNLI is Fistral Beach in Newquay. Alternatively, it is recommended to have lessons with a surf school whose instructors are also qualified lifeguards. … Always surf with others or a friend just in case the unexpected happens, you can never underestimate the power of the ocean.

When can you surf in Cornwall?

When to go

The best time to surf Cornwall, England depends on what kind of conditions you are looking for. Fall and winter (October to April) will offer more consistent and bigger waves suitable for experienced surfers. However, the summer months (May to September) will offer smoother waves, perfect for beginners.

Can you surf in Cornwall in summer?

Offering consistent surf all year round, Watergate Bay is a popular place to surf in Cornwall for all levels of surfer. The waves are often powerful but not too imposing, with the surf becoming messier the bigger it becomes. Watch out for rips at both the west and eastern sides of the beach.

What beach has the biggest waves in Cornwall?

The Cribbar has become one of the UK’s best known big wave surfing spots since first being ridden in 1966.

  • The Cribbar has become one of the UK’s best known big wave surfing spots since first being ridden in 1966.
  • Slotted beside Fistral Beach in Newquay, Cornwall, its 40ft (12m) waves attract some of the best surfers.
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Is Falmouth beach sandy?

From iconic sandy beaches to intimate sheltered coves, Falmouth’s 300+ beaches are gloriously varied.

Can you swim in Falmouth?

Gyllyngvase Beach, Falmouth

Falmouth’s largest beach offers the perfect place to dip your toes in the early morning light. Popular with families, swimmers, canoeists and wind-surfers, this beach has a great vibe in the summer.

Where can I swim in Falmouth?

Beaches near Falmouth

  • Gyllyngvase Beach. Located just a stone’s throw from Falmouth town centre Gyllyngvase is widely considered the best beach… …
  • Swanpool Beach. …
  • Castle Beach. …
  • Sunny Cove. …
  • Maenporth Beach. …
  • Great Molunan & Little Molunan Beach. …
  • Loe Beach. …
  • Polnare Cove.