Best answer: How do pro surfers make money?

Besides competition earnings, pro surfers make money by signing contracts with various companies to represent their brands. This practice is called sponsorship and unlike a company sponsoring an entire contest, it sponsors individual surfers who have distinguished themselves as among the best.

How do you make money as a surfer?

The average income of a pro surfer can be broken down into several pieces:

  1. Prize Money. For the majority, it’s the only source of earnings. …
  2. Sponsorship. It’s not easy to find long-term sponsors, but they could be relevant to balance a surfer’s financial life. …
  3. Occasional Paid Endorsements. …
  4. Equipment. …
  5. YouTube Earnings.

Can you make a living off surfing?

Professional Surfers

Although this sounds like a dream job, it is not the only way you can make surfing your working lifestyle. Becoming a surf shop retailer or a surf coach can give you the same enjoyment of surfing most of the day while making money in an industry that you love.

How much money does Kelly Slater make a year?

American by nationality, his zodiac sign is Aquarius. He grew up near the sources of water; due to this, at an early age of 5 years old, he began surfing.

Quick Facts.

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Full Name Kelly Slater
Girlfriend Kalani Miller
Children Taylor Slater
Salary (yearly) $3 million

How many years does it take to become a pro surfer?

If you can spare the time to surf three to four times weekly, you should find you’ve developed good skills in about two years. What that means is that you’ll probably become a good judge of surf and tides, will be able to catch all the waves you aim for, and won’t have any problems paddling a long way out.

Do pro surfers have agents?

In many ways, the fact that surfers have agents is not surprising—they are professional athletes, after all—but the agents provide a window into a bigger story about how the surf industry grew so rapidly as to outpace itself: Many companies are still loathe to work with surfers who have agents.

What are the odds of becoming a pro surfer?

Only 0.0000014 Percent Of Surfers Will Qualify For The Tour.

What jobs do surfers have?

Top 10 Surf Friendly Careers

  • Firefighter. America’s heroes are also the recipients of some of the most surfer friendly work schedules around. …
  • Commercial pilot/flight attendant. …
  • Surf magazine editor. …
  • Pizza delivery guy. …
  • Lifeguard. …
  • Surf industry broski. …
  • Doctors. …
  • Criminal.

Can surfing be a job?

Surfing can often get in the way of a good career. Or, more to the point, a good career can often get in the way of surfing. Here are six occupations that can ensure a good paycheck and plenty of time in the water. “It’s perfect.

How do I turn my surf into a career?

The best surf-friendly jobs and careers

  1. Surf Instructor. When it comes to combining work and breaking waves, it goes without saying that working as a professional surf instructor is one of the best job opportunities out there. …
  2. Flight Attendant/Pilot. …
  3. Lifeguard. …
  4. Tradesperson. …
  5. Marine Biologist. …
  6. Photographer. …
  7. Freelancer.
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What is Jamie O’Brien salary?

Jamie O’Brien (surfer)

Jamie O’Brien
Personal information
Years active 2001–present
Career earnings $122,400
Sponsors Buell wetsuits, Red Bull, GoPro, Tokoro, Catch Surf, Nectar, Tools, Vestal, Cariuma, Blenders Eyewear, GMC Honolulu

Who is the most paid surfer?

Who is the Highest Paid Surfer? Gabriel Medina is the highest-paid surfer in the world based off of surf sponsorships, earning over $2.2 million dollars per year from major sponsors like Rip Curl, Corona, Audi, Ralph Lauren and more.

Is 26 too old to start surfing?

Just like there is no age limit for surfing, there is no age limit for learning how to surf. It’s never too late to start! … Below are four key tips for those learning to surf at 30 and beyond. These four important beginner tips will help you discover what it takes to become a surfer.

Is 14 a good age to start surfing?

You can start surfing as early as 5 years old, but it is often best to start at around the age between 7-9. However, just because you didn’t start at that age, does not mean you can’t surf! There are certain surfing camps that have taught children as young as five years old.

What pro surfer started late?

Rahma: So I started surfing really late. I used to be a professional football player, then I moved to Rugby, and so I didn’t start surfing until the the Wadi Park opened up in… I think that was about 10 years ago. But what got me into surfing was my injury.

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