Are Brittany Ferries sailing from Poole?

The Poole Cherbourg ferry route connects England with France. Currently there is just the 1 ferry company operating this ferry service, Brittany Ferries. The crossing operates up to 10 times each week with sailing duration from around 4 hours 15 minutes.

Are Poole ferries running?

Ferry leaves Sandbanks/Poole side on the hour, twenty past and twenty to the hour. First Ferry 7am, last Ferry 11pm. Ferry leaves Studland/Swanage side at ten past, half past and ten to the hour. First Ferry at 7.10am and last Ferry at 11.10pm.

Are Brittany Ferries sailing to Santander?

There are two sailings from Portsmouth to Santander each week with a choice of morning and afternoon departures.

Are Brittany Ferries sailing to St Malo?

Portsmouth to St Malo ferries

The Brittany Ferries Portsmouth to St Malo ferry is a popular choice for a relaxing cruise sailing direct into Brittany. We offer overnight sailings on most days aboard our cruise ferry Bretagne , where you’ll find first-rate accommodation, dining options and facilities.

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Are Brittany Ferries running to Caen?

Cruise sailings to Caen

We have two ferries regularly operating on this crossing with options to suit everyone. Relax on one of our cruise ferries, Mont St Michel or Normandie , for a crossing of around 6 hours with the option of overnight travel.

Where can you sail to from Poole?

Poole ferry port in England is served by a number of ferry routes with crossings to Cherbourg, Guernsey & Jersey (St Helier) available. With a selection of up to 15 Sailings Weekly, the port of Poole connects England with France, Guernsey & Jersey.

Do Brittany Ferries sail in December?

Yes we do, and our winter timetable should be available from the start of July. over a year ago. over a year ago.

Are Brittany Ferries sailing to Portugal?

Cross-channel operator Brittany Ferries has abandoned plans to start sailings from Plymouth to the Portuguese city of Porto this summer after Spain decided to admit tourists again.

Where do Brittany Ferries sail to?

Brittany Ferries offers the most convenient cross Channel ferries to France, with the widest choice of ferry crossings. Depart from Portsmouth , Plymouth or Poole and travel to Cherbourg, St Malo, Caen, Le Havre or Roscoff for a direct Channel crossing to your holiday in France.

Are there any Ferries from Spain to UK?

There are 3 ferry routes operating between Spain and England offering you combined total of 6 sailings per week. Brittany Ferries operates 3 routes, Bilbao to Portsmouth runs 2 times per week, Santander to Plymouth about 2 times weekly & Santander to Portsmouth about 2 times weekly.

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Are Brittany Ferries sailing from St Malo to Portsmouth?

St Malo to Portsmouth is one of Brittany Ferries’ most popular routes and is perfect for a leisurely sailing from Brittany to the UK. Our cruise ferry, Bretagne, sails on this route with a crossing time of around 7 hours with the option of overnight travel.

How long is the ferry from Poole to St Malo?

Our Poole to Saint-Malo ferry connects the UK to St Malo, in Brittany France. There are daily ferry crossings to St Malo with a sailing duration of around 6 hours 20 minutes.

Are Brittany Ferries running from Plymouth to Roscoff?

Brittany Ferries’ offers a direct sailing into Brittany with our Plymouth to Roscoff ferry route. Daytime sailings take 5 hrs 30 mins and an overnight crossing takes up to 11 hrs and 15 mins. There are up to two sailings per day at convenient times for a relaxed, enjoyable journey and a great start to your holiday.

Do Brittany Ferries sail all year?

Overnight sailings on most days throughout the year.

Are there any ferries to France?

The most popular ferry operators for France are Euro Tunnel, Brittany Ferries, P&O Ferries and DFDS. There are many different ferry ticket options for you to choose from – prices can vary due to times of the year, the number of passengers, what route you are taking, and if you are bringing your car with you.

Which ferry companies go to Caen?

The Portsmouth Caen ferry route connects England with France. There is just 1 ferry company operating this route, Brittany Ferries. The crossing operates up to 21 times weekly with sailing duration around 5 hours 45 minutes.

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