Your question: How do you put a drip ring on a kayak paddle?

Where do drip rings go on kayak paddle?

Kayak paddle drip rings are cupped rubber rings that fit on both ends of the shaft near the blade. Drip rings help prevent water from running down the shaft to your arm, into your armpits, onto your torso, or dripping on your legs, in the cockpit, or on the deck.

What are drip rings on paddles for?

Drip rings are small, rubber rings attached to the paddle shaft on each end of a kayak paddle. Some of the rings are cup-shaped, and others are flat. The purpose is to keep water from running down the paddle shaft and into your lap on your upward stroke.

Why do kayak paddles have rubber rings?

Paddle Drip Rings are used to keep excess water from running down the paddle shaft while out on paddling excursions.

Why does my kayak paddle get me wet?

If your drip guards are positioned properly, water will hit them and drip down off your paddle and back into the water outside of your kayak. If your drip guards are too close to the center of your paddle shaft, they will cause water to drip down onto your kayak or, in the worst case, onto you in the cockpit.

How many scupper plugs kayak?

The average kayak has 6-8 scupper holes in various sections of the boat. Gene likes to keep the rear holes plugged because that’s where most of the weight is carried. Plugging them helps give the boat a bit of lift out of the water. It also keeps that area drier.

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