You asked: Who is the kitesurfing world champion?

The final event of the GKA Kite-Surf season saw sparks fly on the water as Prea delivered four days of perfect strapless freestyle conditions and sensational action last week. Airton – 3 x GKA Kite-Surf World Champion!

Who is the best kite surfer in the world?


  • Champion. #1. Carlos Mario Slingshot. …
  • #2. Adeuri Corniel Cabrinha. Points 2700.
  • #3. Set Teixeira F-One, Manera. Points 2120.
  • #4. Maxime Chabloz F-One, Manera. Points 2040.
  • #5. Valentin Rodriguez Duotone. Points 1730.
  • #6. Gianmaria Coccoluto Duotone, ION. Points 1720.
  • #7. Valentin Garat Duotone, ION. …
  • #8. Anthar Racca Airush.

Has anyone died kite surfing?

People have been seriously injured or killed while kiteboarding, and that is not good for any sport. They’ve been slammed against piers and breakwaters, buildings and parking lots, or thrown up in the air like marionettes before free-falling from impossible heights.

How much do kite surfer get paid?

I talked to a professional windsurfer while looking over Hoopika and he said that he makes around $200k all said and done. If you apply the 25 year old windsurfer adjustment, I’m guessing he makes around $155,000 a year or so with definite opportunity to make more the better you do in competition.

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Who is the kiteboarder in magnetic?

Liam Whaley (@liamwhaley) • Instagram photos and videos.

How many kitesurfers are there in the world?

Total numbers of kiteboarders world wide are estimated at 1.5 million persons.

Where is Liam Whaley from?

Liam Whaley is born on Ibiza, a small island off the coast of Spain, where he also initially learned to kite. As Ibiza wasn’t the ideal place to practice Kiteboarding, Liam and his Dad would travel to Cumbuco in Brazil to train each year.

What is the death loop kitesurfing?

Death loop accidents are occasional events in which a kiteboarder gets seriously hurt or even dies after not being able to stop an uncontrolled kite loop. … The death loop occurs when riders don’t release their kite or simply don’t have a chance to activate the safety mechanism.

Is kitesurfing still popular?

Known by enthusiasts as an aquatic and athletic challenge, kiteboarding has quickly joined the ranks as one of the world’s most popular adventure sports, although it’s been around as a recreational activity since the 1970s. … Kiteboarding has piqued the curiosity of several notable people in recent years.

How much does Kelly Slater earn?

Kelly Slater, a professional surfer and one of the greatest surfers of all time, has a net worth of $22 million. As for 2021, he is one of the wealthiest surfers.

Quick Facts.

Full Name Kelly Slater
Children Taylor Slater
Salary (yearly) $3 million

Do pro surfers make a lot of money?

In 2021, the base salaries of the top pro surfers range from $200,000 per year to over $2 million, based solely on surf sponsorships. Most professional surfers earn in the low hundreds of thousands of dollars per year.

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What is the biggest wave ever surfed?

On November 11, 2011, US surfer Garrett McNamara was towed by Andrew Cotton into a massive wave at Nazaré. At the time, the 78-foot (23,8-meter) wave entered history as the largest wave ever surfed, as acknowledged by Guinness World Records at the time.

Is Liam Whaley South African?

Liam Whaley is a Spanish model and athlete. He was born in Ibiza, in 1996.