You asked: Can you get a job as a scuba diver?

The most obvious career option to pursue once you have a professional PADI certification is to become a scuba diving instructor. … These include the PADI Open Water Diver, PADI Advanced Open Water Diver, PADI Rescue Diver, PADI Divemaster, and emergency first response certifications.

How much money can you make as a scuba diver?

How much do scuba divers make? Divers make a national average salary of $49,602 per year according to Indeed Salaries where salary averages are frequently updated.

Are diving jobs in demand?

Commercial divers are in high demand. Now is a great time to enter the industry.” Another factor is an uptick in the number of storms and hurricanes.

What are the job opportunities available for scuba diving?

Scuba Diving Careers in India

  • Divemaster: The Divemaster is the first professional level in the recreational dive industry. …
  • Assistant Instructor: …
  • Instructor: …
  • Non-Diving Positions:

Is scuba diving a good career?

A scuba diving career sounds very unorthodox among the most common career options that the youth opts for in today’s time, but it can be very rewarding. A scuba diving career is just like having any other job.

Is diving a good career?

No, commercial diving is not a good career option. The pay is low and if you are a fresher you will be exploited like hell if you get a job. This field used to be a professional work and with good day rate job. The safety is not good especially onshore diving you will be working on your own life risk.

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Can you make a living as a dive instructor?

Some Dive Instructors make as low as US$500/month while others can make US$4000-US$6000/month and others will make anything in between. A scuba diving instructor salary and how much a diving instructor can make, depends on a few important factors. For example: Fixed salary or commission based dive salary.

What is the highest paying diving job?

Highest Paying Commercial Diving Jobs & Careers

  • HAZMAT Diving: Considered one of the dirtiest jobs in commercial diving, HAZMAT commercial diving offers great compensation including benefits an average salary of over $58,000. …
  • Saturation Diving: …
  • Nuclear Diving: …
  • Off-Shore Commercial Diving:

How much do divers make a year?

The average salary for a commercial diver in California is around $57,020 per year.