Who composed sailing by?

Who composed the tune sailing by?

This iconic British tune was composed in 1963 by Ronald Binge. It’s one of his many recognisable melodies, including the popular Elizabethan Serenade composed 12 years earlier in 1951, for which he won an Ivor Novello Award.

Does Radio 4 still play sailing by?

“Sailing By” is played every night on BBC Radio 4 at around 00:45hrs before the late Shipping Forecast. … It also functions as a buffer: depending on when the final programme before closedown finishes, “Sailing By” (or part of it) is played as a “filler” as the forecast starts at 00:48hrs precisely.

When was sailing written?

Sailing By was written in 1963 when the BBC commissioned several British composers to contribute some “library music” and its first public airing was as background music for a documentary about a balloon race.

Where is Finisterre shipping forecast?

The name Finisterre has been part of the UK Shipping Forecast since 1949. Britain uses the term to refer to a 90,000 square mile area of Atlantic Ocean off the North West coast of Spain.

Who currently reads the Shipping Forecast?

Alan Bennett reads the Shipping Forecast.

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Why was Finisterre changed to FitzRoy?

Finisterre was renamed FitzRoy in 2002, to end its conflicting with sea area names of the French and Spanish services.

How long does the shipping forecast last?

The shipping forecast is issued four times a day at 2300, 0500, 1100, 1700 UTC and covers a period of 24 hours from 0000, 0600, 1200 and 1800 UTC respectively.

Who wrote Sailing recorded by Rod Stewart?

Minches was absorbed into Hebrides in 1983; North and South Utsire were added in 1984;and, in 2002, Finisterre became FitzRoy (named for pioneering meteorologist Admiral Robert FitzRoy.

What was the shipping area FitzRoy used to be called?

In February 2002, in recognition of Admiral Robert FitzRoy work in forming the Met Office in 1854, the sea area ‘Finisterre’ was renamed ‘FitzRoy’.

Where is Trafalgar on the shipping forecast?

Trafalgar (issued 0015 UTC)

Variable 4 or less, but southerly 5 or 6 in northwest. Moderate or rough in southeast, rough or very rough in northwest.