What size swimsuit am I Speedo?

How do I know my Speedo size?

How To Measure

  1. Torso. Start at high point of shoulder, run tape through leg and back up to the starting point.
  2. Bust. Measure the fullest part of bust, be sure to go over the shoulder blades at back.
  3. Waist. Measure narrowest part of torso.
  4. Hip. Measure around the fullest point of hip, keeping tape parallel to floor.

What size Speedo swimsuit should I get?

Women’s Size Guide

Body Loop Speedo Size
Inch Cm 60.5-62.5″ 154-159cm 24
Inch Cm 63-65″ 160-165cm 26
Inch Cm 65.5-66.5″ 166-169cm 28
Inch Cm 67-69″ 170-175cm 30

Does Speedo run big or small?

Just as many others said, the item runs small/tiny. It’s a simple, functional swimming suit, perfect when I do laps. I like that it is lined in front. I am 5′ tall, weigh 113 lbs., and I am a Size 34B.

How do I know my bathing suit size?

Take Your Swimwear Measurements

With a tape measure, you can quickly figure out your swimsuit size. While standing in your underwear (don’t wear your normal clothes, or you won’t get accurate figures), wrap the tape measure around the fullest part of your bust and jot down how large it is.

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What size is 28 in Speedo swimsuit?


Speedo Bust Waist
26 28.5″ / 73cm 21.5″ / 55cm
28 30.5″ / 78cm 23.5″ / 60cm
30 32″ / 82cm 25″ / 64cm
32 34″ / 87cm 27″ / 69cm

What is a size 28 Speedo?

Size guides – Speedo

Size Chest (inches / cm) Height (cm)
24 24″ / 60cm 116
26 26″ / 65cm 128
28 28″ / 70cm 140
30 30″ / 75cm 152

How a Speedo should fit?

Choose a speedo that fits comfortably.

Make sure the speedo is not too tight or constricting. It should feel snug but the fabric should not dig into your skin. Walk around, squat, and sit in the speedo to ensure it is comfortable. If it feels comfortable on you, you will likely be more confident wearing it around.

What is a Speedo size 22?

Frequently Asked Questions

SIZE 22 32
Chest n/a 32
Waist n/a 26
Hips 24 34

What age is Speedo size 26?

Speedo Girl’s Swimwear Size Guide

Speedo Size Chest (in / cm) Age (years)
24 24″ / 60cm 5 – 6
26 26″ / 65cm 7 – 8
28 28″ / 70cm 9 – 10
30 30″ / 75cm 11 – 12

Are Speedos stretchy?

And speedos are made to stretch and also made to be tight (but like, comfortable), so order your pants waist-size or a step down and you’ll probably be golden.

Do kids Speedo swimsuits run small?

Speedo has always run small for my daughter. The problem is I don’t know her size. All of her previous bathing suits have been size 6, 8, 10, etc. These competition suits have different sizing – 22Y, 24Y, 26Y, etc.

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How do you shrink a Speedo swimsuit?

Throw the suit in the washer on warm and then in the dryer for a full cycle and let the heat and tumbling action do their best. As long as the suit hasn’t been washed more than a few times before, the fabric may shrink noticeably.

Should you go up a size in swimwear?

“Swim fabrics stretch a bit when wet, so sizing down or staying true to size is better when you’re spending most of your time in actual water,” she says. “If you’re staying dry most of the time, sizing up could help you feel more comfortable since the natural stretching won’t happen when the suit stays dry.

What is a size 10 bathing suit?

Swimsuits, Tankinis, Bikini Bottoms & Beach Clothing

UK Size Bust Waist
Inches Inches
8 34 26.5
10 36 28.5
12 38 30.5

What size is a medium bathing suit?

Bikini Sizes

Standard Size US Size Bust
4 34
M 6 36
8 38
L 10 40