What size of kayak paddle do I need?

Is it better to have a longer or shorter kayak paddle?

If you fall between two sizes, it’s generally better to go shorter. Either size would probably work, but you’ll save a few ounces with a shorter paddle. If you’re proportioned with a shorter torso, though, then the added reach will come in handy and you should go with the longer paddle.

How do you size a paddle?

The General Rule. The general rule is the shortest paddle that allows you to comfortable reach the water is best. In the middle of your stroke, your grip hand should be at the height of your nose. The throat of the paddle (where the blade meets the shaft) should be at the water line.

What is a good kayak paddle?

Best Kayak Paddles of 2021

  • Kalleq by Gearlab Outdoors.
  • Whiskey Fiberglass 2-Piece Kayak Paddle by Aqua Bound.
  • Akiak by Gearlab Outdoors.
  • Tango Fiberglass 2-Piece Kayak Paddle by Aqua Bound.
  • Storm by Lendal Paddles, North America.
  • Manta Ray Carbon by Aqua Bound.
  • Ikelos Kayak Paddle by Werner Paddles.
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How do you know what size kayak to get?

Length: Longer boats cruise more efficiently and offer lots of storage space for overnight touring gear, while shorter hulls turn more quickly. A few inches in length won’t matter much, but two feet or more will be noticeable. Depth: Deeper hulls offer more room for long-legged kayakers, plus a little more storage.

What is the best size paddle board for beginners?

Guidelines for a Beginner Paddler / All-Around SUP

Paddler Weight SUP Width SUP Length
Under 125 lbs (56kg) 31-32” 9’6″-10’9″
125-150 lbs (56-68 kg) 31-32” 9’6″-10’9″
150-175 lbs (68-79 kg) 31-33” 10’0″-12’6″
175-200 lbs (79 – 90 kg) 32-34” 10’0″-12’6″

Can you use a kayak paddle with a canoe?

So, to definitively answer this question one last time, you can definitely use a kayak paddle for canoe trips. You just want to make sure that the width of your canoe matches up with the length of the kayak paddle you choose (as we mentioned above).

What is the right size canoe paddle?

Length. Most canoers require a paddle in the 52″ to 60″ range; sizes are typically offered in 2″ increments. Bent-shaft paddles are generally shorter due to their shorter, wider blades; common lengths are 48″ to 54″. … On the water: Sit inside the canoe and measure the vertical distance from your nose to the waterline.

What is a good kayak paddle weight?

Generally, kayak paddles’ weight ranges from 1.5 to 4 pounds. A paddle is considered lightweight until it exceeds 2 pounds, or 36 ounces. Materials of construction and dimensions have the largest impact on paddle weight. Longer paddles with larger blades will be heavier.

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What is a lightweight kayak paddle?

Fiberglass is a popular material for blades, as it offers good durability as well as being lightweight and can be a good option for both recreational and touring kayaking. Carbon fiber paddle blades are even lighter than fiberglass but are also a lot more expensive.

Can a kayak paddle be too long?

I’ve had some pretty toasty discussions regarding the proper paddle length for sea kayaks. Some suggest there is no reason to reach out beyond 220 cm, while others prefer the laid-back long stroke of a paddle at least 240 cm. … A longer paddle is going to be affected by the wind more than a short paddle.

Is an 8 foot kayak big enough?

While there are certainly shorter kayaks out there, an eight-foot length is one of the smaller options. This is a great kayak size for kids and small adults who are relatively new to the sport. Most shorter kayaks tend to be more stable for recreational paddling because they have a better length-to-width ratio. …

What is the easiest kayak to paddle?

Best Kayaks for Beginners: 10 Easy To Paddle Options

Product Type of kayak Features
Old Town Canoes & Kayaks Dirigo 106 Sit-in Good for progression
Ocean Kayak Malibu Sit-on-top Very stable
Sevylor Quikpak K1 Sit-on-top inflatable Compact to store and transport
Wilderness Systems Pungo 120 Sit-in Stable in rough water