What do Ofsted ask in a deep dive?

Ofsted is extremely interested to hear the curriculum journey your school is on. This includes hearing about your plans for how you intend to develop your curriculum, interventions, changes and resources you are going to put in place, or have only just implemented and are waiting to see their impact.

How do you prepare for Ofsted deep dive?

You prepare for a deep dive in much the same way you’ve prepared for Ofsted school inspections in the past; keep your books up to scratch for work scrutinies, make sure you’re following your School Improvement Plan (SIP), and have an idea of your department’s wider strategy and curriculum intent.

What are deep dive questions?

9 Dive Deep Interview Questions and Sample Answers

  • Give me two examples of when you did more than what was required in any job experience. …
  • Tell me about something that you learned recently in your role. …
  • Tell me about a time you had to quickly adjust your work priorities to meet changing demands?
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What questions will Ofsted ask students?

Ofsted questions about reading

How do you engage students and develop a love of reading? What level of texts students are expected to read at home? How do you engage them and make parents aware of these expectations? How do you provide access to reading for those who don’t or can’t read at home?

What does a deep dive in maths look like?

An Ofsted deep dive is an in-depth investigation of a particular subject at your school, such as maths. The deep dive will look into the intent, implementation and impact of the curriculum in this particular subject. Ofsted will choose the subject or area of the deep dive and inform you prior to the inspection.

What is involved in a deep dive?

Deep dive: then a ‘deep dive’, which involves gathering evidence on the curriculum intent, implementation and impact over a sample of subjects, topics or aspects. This is done in collaboration with leaders, teachers and pupils.

What will Ofsted ask teachers?

Ofsted want to understand the collaborative process, so they may ask:

  • What should we expect to see in a maths lesson today?
  • How does your School Improvement Plan reflect the need for support in this subject?
  • What strengths and weaknesses can you identify in the curriculum you offer?

What is a deep dive interview?

Hired Interview Question: The resume deep dive was probably the hardest thing about this interview. They basically go over in detail every bullet point in your resume, ask you how that manager would rank you, and your strengths/weaknesses in that role.

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What is technical deep dive interview?

This interview is often given by someone who has a senior role at the company with the goal of screening candidates. … In this interview, you might be asked to talk through a programming problem or to explain a project that you’ve worked on.

What is a technical deep dive?

Technical Deep Dives are a flagship TDLC knowledge product consisting of workshops, site visits, peer-peer knowledge sharing and action planning in support of World Bank clients and projects. … Participants include World Bank clients and staff as well as experts from other organizations representing 8 to 10 countries.

What do Ofsted look for in safeguarding?

‘quality of education’, ‘behaviour and attitudes’, ‘personal development’, and ‘leadership and management’. However, inspectors will judge whether safeguarding arrangements are ‘effective’. If safeguarding is ineffective, this will likely lead to an ‘inadequate’ judgement for ‘leadership and management’.

What will Ofsted look for?

The four categories covered in an Ofsted inspection are: Quality of education – how well the school provides the education pupils need at that stage of their learning. Behaviour and attitudes – how pupils, staff, parents and governors feel about the school, and how pupils behave in and out of lessons.

What do Ofsted want in early years?

An inspector may ask to see the following:

  • a list of current staff and their qualifications, including in paediatric first aid.
  • a register/list showing the date of birth of all children on roll and routine staffing arrangements.
  • a list of children present at the setting during the inspection (if not shown on the register)
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Can I repeat deep dives?

Deep Dives Refresh Every Week

Each week, there is one Deep Dive mission that can be repeated until the week is over. You can continue to grind through this Deep Dive seed for cosmetics and powerful rewards.

Does Ofsted look at planning?

∎ Ofsted does not specify how planning should be set out, the length of time it should take or the amount of detail it should contain. Inspectors are interested in the effectiveness of planning rather than the form it takes. … ∎ Ofsted does not require self-evaluation to be graded or provided in a specific format.

What does a deep dive in reading look like?

As part of the new Ofsted framework for 2019, all schools will be subject to a ‘deep dive’ into their reading provision, which involves gathering evidence on the curriculum intent, implementation and impact of the subject in collaboration with leaders, teachers and pupils.