How much does a decent dive computer cost?

How much should you spend on a dive computer?

Dive computers can cost anywhere from $150 to $1,500+ USD. Recreational divers probably don’t need to spend more than $500 USD, if that. You can get some really great models for less, and you’ll only need to pay more if you want a technical computer that features air integration.

Is a dive computer worth it?

Why You Need a Dive Computer

A dive computer is much more accurate than using dive tables (and WAY more modern). … This function allows you to stay safely underwater as long as possible, whereas, dive tables are only based upon the deepest part of your dive, not crediting you for the shallower parts.

What is the cheapest dive computer?

Comparison Chart

Cheap Dive Computers Dive Modes Weight (lbs)
Cressi Leonardo – Best Overall (Editor’s Choice) 3 12 Ounces
Mares Puck Pro Plus – Best Under $500 3 0.55
SUUNTO Zoop Novo – Best Under $300 4 0.5
Aqua Lung i200 – Best for Beginners 4 0.6
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What dive computer should I buy?

Here’s the best choices in the tech dive computer selections:

  • Cressi Neon – see featured review.
  • Suunto Vyper.
  • Suunto ZOOP NOVO.
  • Aqualung i300.
  • Cressi Donatello.
  • Oceanic Geo 2.0.
  • Mares Puck Pro.
  • Suunto d4i.

Can you dive without a dive computer?

Without a dive computer (all have ascent rate monitors/displays), it can be more tricky to monitor the speed of your ascent. During training, the instructor will have demonstrated an appropriate rate as part of scuba diving skills development, but I do understand that it can be hard to replicate this initially.

What is the best air integrated dive computer?

7 Best Air Integrated Dive Computers

  1. SUUNTO Vyper Novo Wrist Computer with USB Cable. Most Resilient. …
  2. SUUNTO D6I Novo Wrist Computer. …
  3. SHEARWATER RESEARCH Teric Wrist Dive Computer. …
  4. SUUNTO D6I Novo Diving Watch with USB. …
  5. Shearwater Research Perdix AI – w/ Transmitter. …
  6. SUUNTO Vyper Air Computer with 3D Compass. …
  7. Atomic Cobalt 2.

What is SPG diving?

SPG in scuba diving stands for submersible pressure gauge. What is gauge pressure in scuba diving? Gauge pressure in scuba diving is the amount of air or breathable gas left in your scuba diving tank. A pressure gauge measures this gas/air in bar or psi.

What is an air integrated dive computer?

An air integrated dive computer gives divers the option of using a wireless transmitter or, in the case of a console computer, a physical hose connection to display their live cylinder pressure on the computer screen.

How do wireless dive computers work?

A wireless transmitter sends pressure data – traditionally via radio frequency – from your cylinder straight to a “paired” dive computer. The screen displays your tank pressure and calculates how long it would last you at that depth based on your breathing rate. It also creates a custom decompression profile.

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What is the easiest dive computer to use?

Comparison Chart

Dive computers for beginners Dive modes Menu buttons
Cressi Leonardo – Best Overall (Editor’s Choice) 3 1
Oceanic Geo 2.0 – Best Budget 4 1
Suunto D5 – Best Air Intergrated Dive Computer 5 3
Mares Matrix – Best With Compass 4 4

Are Suunto Dive Computers good?

Suunto dive computers are trusted, functional and durable tools for all kinds of underwater adventures from the beginner to the advanced. All Suunto dive products are extensively tested and made in Finland. Highly durable dive computer equipped with two algorithms, rechargeable battery and wireless mobile connection.

How long do dive computers last?

How long do dive computers last? The average dive computer, with a normal battery capacity and an average amount of dives of around 50 a year, should generally last around two full years.

Do dive computers have GPS?

It’s the first watch-sized dive computer to offer surface GPS navigation with full-color onscreen mapping and location reference — so you can easily mark your dive entry and exit points¹. Once underwater, the proven Bühlmann ZHL-16c algorithm makes sure you’re staying within your dive limits.

Is Suunto Zoop rechargeable?

Iconic, robust devices for technical and recreational divers. Highly durable dive computer equipped with two algorithms, rechargeable battery and wireless mobile connection.

Which is the best Suunto dive computer?

1. Suunto Zoop Novo. The Suunto Zoop Novo is a big wrist-top dive computer with a dot matrix display with a backlight so you can read your dive computer during a night dive.