Frequent question: Can you raft down the Rio Grande?

Whitewater rafting on the Rio Grande is the most fun and important outdoor activity to be enjoyed in Northern New Mexico during the spring and summer months. … From family floats to world class whitewater, the Rio Grande continues to deliver incredible outdoor adventures for those seeking Taos Whitewater Rafting.

Can you float down the Rio Grande?

River Access. It is legal to float down the Rio Grande in kayaks, canoes, rafts and other non-motorized water craft. In and around Albuquerque there are several places where you can access the river. Most river bridges in the Albuquerque area provide access, with some walking required from the parking areas.

Can you float the Rio Grande in Texas?

The canyons of the Rio Grande are the most popular float trips; included in the Wild & Scenic River are: Mariscal Canyon. Boquillas Canyon. The Lower Canyons.

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Can you go boating on the Rio Grande?

Rio Grande has a very slight gradient, making for good boating even when water volumes are low. River levels of 200 cubic feet per second (cfs) or greater are enough for canoes and smaller paddle craft. A river level of 400 cfs is generally the minimum for rafts.

How much does it cost to raft on the Rio Grande?

Each raft is made out of bamboo, which is around four feet wide and approximately 30 feet long.

Tour Rates List Below:-

Hotels/Cruise Port Negril
1-4 Persons US$360.00
5 & Up Per-Person US$75.00
Extra Person US$70.00

Can I Kayak in Big Bend?

Five spectacular river canyons in Big Bend offer incredible opportunities to kayak, canoe or raft the Rio Grande. The river is not difficult for beginning and intermediate paddlers at normal river flows, and some sections are ideal for novices.

Can you swim in the Rio Grande in Albuquerque?

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M.- The Bosque is really being used as a getaway right now. It’s a place families can go biking, walking and, yes, swimming.

Is the Rio Grande in Big Bend?

The Rio Conchos joins the Rio Grande near Ojinaga, Chihuahua and Presidio, Texas. … The Rio Grande also defines the park’s southern boundary for 118 twisting miles. It is within this stretch that the Rio Grande’s southeasterly flow changes abruptly to the northeast and forms the “big bend” of the Rio Grande.

How deep is the Rio Grande in Big Bend?

Floating the Rio Grande can take you through miles of canyons up to 1,500 feet deep, where the sunlight may reach the bottom only briefly on winter days. As in other parts of the park, your ears may tell you more than your eyes.

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Is it safe to swim in Rio Grande?

Health risks associated with contact with the water in the Rio Grande are mini- mal because E. coli is usually not harmful. However, water with high levels of E. coli may contain other disease-causing organisms, and ingestion of contami- nated water from any area should be avoided when swimming.

Does the Rio Grande run through Albuquerque?

The Albuquerque Basin (or Middle Rio Grande Basin) is a structural basin and ecoregion within the Rio Grande rift in central New Mexico. It contains the city of Albuquerque. … The Rio Grande flows through the basin from north to south, and its valley has been irrigated for at least 1,000 years.

Are there any fish in the Rio Grande?

Native fish

Historically, more than 24 species of fish were found in the Rio Grande in New Mexico. Today, the fish community includes 15 native species and dozens of introduced species. Native species no longer present include large, long-lived fishes (Shovelnose Sturgeon, American Eel, Blue Sucker, and Longnose Gar).

Can you swim in the Rio Grande Jamaica?

Lush valleys, beautiful wildlife and a chance to swim at scenic stops make a rafting tour down the Rio Grande in Jamaica worth your while. … While it’s a leisurely ride, it’s also one that’s seeped in history making it a great way to complete your Jamaican experience.

How long is rafting on the Rio Grande?

For most commercial trips, the Upper Rio Grande provides rafters with a half day of relaxed floating through spectacular southern Colorado scenery. In total, the section is 9.6 miles, beginning at the Rio Grande Campground and ending at the Deep Creek Access.

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Where is the Rio Grande Jamaica?

The Rio Grande is a river of Jamaica, found in the parish of Portland. It was named after the Spanish occupied Jamaica in the 15th and 16th centuries. One of the largest rivers in Jamaica, it was named “Big River” (Rio Grande) by the Spanish.