Does Yale have a water polo team?

Yale Men’s Club Water Polo is the male division of our two club water polo teams. We are a team open to all of those affiliated with Yale, and those who are either grad students or undergrads are allowed to compete in tournaments.

What sports does Yale University offer?

Yale’s athletic facilities include a golf course and centers for tennis, polo, sailing, ice hockey, and more. Find out more about Yale’s winning spirit.

Does Yale have a women’s water polo team?

The Yale Women’s Water Polo Team is a competitive club sport that accepts players of all skill levels, from individuals with no previous experience in the pool to former Division 1 athletes. … Both graduate students and undergraduates may participate in practices and competition.

Does Yale have a polo team?

Yale is a member of the intercollegiate division of the United States Polo Association (USPA). Our Intercollegiate Women’s and Men’s teams compete both regionally and nationally in indoor arena polo. We have also competed in international outdoor polo tournaments in China and the UK.

Does Yale have a bowling team?

Each team bowls three games per week, each game being scored individually against all scheduled opponents. 3. Four Tyng Cup points are allotted for each winning match.

Does Yale have a wrestling team?

Yale Wrestling is Co-Ed Club Team. We are a competitive team with members of all levels of experience, from beginners to veteran wrestlers. We compete with other club programs under the National Collegiate Wrestling Association (NCWA). … Yale’s wrestling team is the nation’s oldest collegiate wrestling team.

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Does Yale have a riding program?

The Yale College Equestrian Team is excited to announce its move to the esteemed competition stable, Cedar Brook Farm, in Madison, CT.