Best answer: How do you color a raft?

Can you paint a raft?

What I’ve used to paint on several Aire rafts is “vinyl paint”. You can get it at auto parts stores or most anywhere you can get other paints. I’ve only used the spray can version, but they may offer it in brush paint too.

What can you dye in raft?

There are five different types of Paint that can be used to color the player’s raft:

  • Black Paint.
  • White Paint.
  • Red Paint.
  • Blue Paint.
  • Yellow Paint.

How do I get a paint brush in the raft?

Paint Brush is a Decorations item in Raft. It can be unlocked through the Research Table.

Can you mix paint in raft?

Once you’ve got some paint and you’ve crafted a paintbrush you’re ready to start painting! By using the color wheel you can choose between a bunch of different colors and the paint is mixed automatically!

How do you paint on a raft?


  1. Place the Paint Mill with the wheel sticking into the ocean.
  2. Place up to five Flowers in the Paint Mill. It will take 45 seconds before the paint is done.
  3. Removing the Paint Mill will destroy any finished or unfinished paint.

Can you paint a PVC raft?

Outfitters will usually use Gaco paint (for Hypalon boats) or Urethane for PVC or Hypalon.

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How do you paint a raft firework?

As is noted in the description, Firework can be painted with the Paint Brush, defining what color the actual blast from the Firework has when blowing up in the sky.

What does the flag do in raft?

A Flag placed on the floor of the raft shows the direction of the wind, serving as an alternative to the Streamer.